Benefits of a property inspection before selling

You no doubt know how important a pest and building inspection is for someone who is buying a property, but are you aware of how important they are for sellers too?

Building and pest inspections can reveal all manner of issues from mould and water damage, to problems with the roof or foundations, sky light, rodents, leaky pipes, termites, faulty electrics and more. Whilst many of the issues they uncover may not be serious, serious issues can have an impact on the price you are able to sell your property for.

Conducting a pre building and pest inspection on your property by a qualified professional before you put it on the market offers a number of key benefits to you…as the seller. Here’s a look at 4 of the key benefits:

Peace of mind

Let’s assume your inspection report comes back all clear and whilst you’ve had to pay for the inspection, having peace of mind that you’ve removed the risk of a potential buyer finding an issue with your property and putting them in a position to negotiate the price downwards is priceless.

If, however the inspection report identifies an issue, you have the ability to quickly arrange for it to be resolved on your terms, rather than having to fix it on the buyer’s terms or risk losing the buyer all together.

Can help attract more buyers

If you’re able to produce a report that certifies your house is pest free and without any need for maintenance, this will attract buyers.

An official document from an unbiased third party certifying your properties true condition, shows you have nothing to hide, therefore giving buyers more confidence to put an offer in on your property. In many cases a condition of sale includes the property must pass a building and pest inspection, if the inspection report has already been compiled, not only can it save the buyer some money, it can also ensure the settlement process runs more smoothly.

Enables you to fix any issues

Building and pest inspections can reveal all manner of issues that are not visible to the naked eye, or to anyone living in the property. Issues can range from minor problems such as slight water damage, leaky drain pipes and loose roof tiles, through to more serious issues such as structural problems and termite infestations.

Knowing before the property is on the market, enables you to address any ‘fixable’ issues quickly and to be in a better position to disclose them to the potential buyer during the marketing campaign, which can make a big difference to the success of your sale.

Can help close the sale quicker

If a buyer is passionate about your property and is keen to buy it, they are more than likely very keen to close the deal. If the building inspection has been done and all repairs have been made, they often proceed immediately with an offer.

If, however you have to wait for the inspection to take place, only to find there are some issues, buyers may feel they are buying a ‘lemon’ which puts doubt in the mind. This doubt may in turn stop them from putting an offer in on your property or give them confidence to negotiate the price down.

A final word

Keep in mind professional pest inspectors will normally find evidence of pest related problems, many of these will have been addressed and it is just the legacy of the animals that remain. It pays to be completely upfront and honest with everyone involved, including ourselves right from the beginning.

If you’ve had termites in the past let us know and if possible provide all relevant documentation, warranty’s and paperwork to help reassure buyers that the house has been treated, the issues has been resolved and they have nothing to worry about.

By conducting your own building and pest inspection before you sell, enables you to take care of any issues or to be in a better position to disclose them to the potential buyer during the marketing campaign. This can make a big difference to the success of your sale.

End of Summer Checklist

Preparing for the Season Change

The sun’s starting to set earlier, doonas are coming back onto the bed, you’ll even occasionally have to sleep with the window closed – that’s right, unfortunately summer is starting to draw to a close. That’s going to be exciting news for many of us though, as autumn can bring some incredible moments of undisturbed golden calm and beauty.

Evergreen trees start to stand fresh, tall and proud, while other lawns are covered in a golden blanket of leaves that almost acts like an echo of the shining sun. Before you get right into the swing of autumn though, you should make sure your house is ready!

The weather will change, and the sun may have taken its toll on your property, but let’s look at what you can do to keep your home looking smart as we head into March.

Check your Fire Alarms

As it begins to get colder, we’ll all start using fireplaces and heaters. With great comfort comes great responsibility, and that’s why you should make sure the smoke alarms in your house are functioning. The Victorian Metropolitan Fire Brigade recommends replacing the 9 volt battery in your smoke alarms every year when daylight savings ends – that’s the first Sunday of April for those in the states that don’t take part! Also, keep in mind that houses built after 1997 need to have fire alarms connected to 240 volt power mains.

Check for Leaks Inside and Out

You always want the home to be nice and dry for autumn and winter, so now’s the time to check up on all of your windows and doors. Seek out any leaks, and re-seal the gaps! That way you’ll stop any invasive draughts, as well as preventing water leakage when the weather inevitably comes to rain on your parade.

Don’t forget to inspect all your outdoor taps as well and if you have one, your outside shower, for any leaks. These often have a slow drip which can add significantly to your water bill. Fix these as required.

Tidy the Front of your Home

If you are thinking about selling later in the year, the end of summer can be a great time for beautification works on the facade of your home. Even if you don’t sell over winter, maximising that kerb appeal will make your home catch the eye of anyone nearby. A fresh coat of paint, removing the clutter and maybe getting some autumn-friendly flowers arranged in your front yard or in pots can be just the touch you need. We buy houses in Johnson City

Decluter the Gutter

This one’s a bit fiddly but it has to be done! Getting up high with a ladder and ensuring your gutters are clean, clear and strong is vital. They’ll be seeing a lot more action over winter so you need to make sure they can hold up to rainwater and foliage.

Keeping those leaks from before in mind, it’s worth checking the roof for any cracking, loose tiles or similar damage as well.

Clean Out Your Vents

If you have air conditioning or other ventilation systems in your home, there’s every chance that bacteria and grime have built up over summer. The humidity forms a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, so going through these systems with appropriate cleaners is a great move before you shut them off.

Think about dehumidifying the home as well! Getting most of the moisture out of the house is great preparation for autumn and winter. Keeping homes dry is a great way to help protect against pesky winter colds in advance. Clean out dryer vents and hoses as well, and your dryer will work more efficiently.

Pet Care

Pets are like us, they like clean beds to sleep on so now is the time to clean and sanitize their bedding and living spaces both indoors and out. Wash and dry their bedding and ensure they have a warm place to settle down for the night, away from draughts and rain that will come with the season change.

Clean Out the Kitchen

Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you need to clean out each cupboard, but rather focus on some of the less attractive cleaning tasks… the garbage bins! Rinse out the kitchen bin and any recycle containers with warm soapy water. Add a splash of disinfectant for a fresh smell and to kill any lurking bacteria.

Wipe out under the sink and organize all your cleaning equipment. A tidy space will make you feel super organized!

Organize Summer Gear

Start to collect all those summer toys that the kids have been playing with outside over the last few months and give them a good clean with soap and water. Make sure you throw out, or recycle any broken toys.

Before you pack away your beach umbrella and towels check their condition. Is the umbrella still working, are the beach towels badly frayed? Depending on their condition consider throwing them out and take advantage of the any end of season sales to restock your summer necessities – ready for the end of the year.

Sort Through Your Wardrobes

As summer comes to an end, spend an hour or so going through your clothes. If you haven’t worn some of your clothes or accessories all summer and they don’t have any sentimental value, consider donating them to charity or selling them on consignment or on eBay.

Culling your summer wardrobe now is easier as you’ll know what you have worn over the last few months and won’t get carried away thinking oh I might want to wear that …..But never do. The other benefit of clearing space is to allow for any new autumn purchases.

Inspect the Roof

Now is the time to check your roof for broken tiles, worn out seals around vent pipes and damage to chimneys. Finding and fixing these before the weather changes is much easier. This can be a tricky job and certainly one that may be more suited to a professional.

Clean the Laundry

The laundry is one of the most used rooms in the home, but is often over looked when it comes to cleaning. By spending an hour tidying it up thought will help make doing the chores all that more pleasant.

Clean out the dryer vents of any lint, remove any items around the edges of your dryer as it can prohibit ventilation and can be dangerous. Wipe down all surfaces, window sills, tops of washing machines and around the buttons where the washing powder may have fallen. Mop the floor and throw or put away any items that may have accumulated in the laundry or in my case things I have found in my kids pockets like handballs, toys, pencil…you name it

Are you missing anything that would make doing laundry easier? Consider adding a surface for folding clothes, better lighting, a rolling laundry basket with dividers or a garment rack.

This checklist isn’t just for rounding out the summer, it’s helpful preparation for the seasons ahead. Keeping your home warm and dry will make the middle of the year much easier and relaxing. You’ll be able to curl up in front of the fire and not have to worry about certain bits of maintenance at all! You can thank us later on.